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  • 2023.11.16|David Coyle




このコースでは、ソフトウェアを学ぶのではなく、標準化されたBIMワークフローをオフィスでうまく導入する方法を学びました。役割と責任、プロジェクトチームの作成、プロジェクト監査、BIMテンプレートの作成と管理などのテーマを扱いました。主な焦点は、国際的に認知された規格(ISO 19650-1と19650-2)に準拠したプロジェクトチームとのプロジェクト調整およびデータ共有でありました。


In Spring and Summer of 2023, I participated in the 10 week online BIM Manager course provided by Budapest-based Graphisoft, who produce ArchiCAD, one of the world`s top BIM products.

The course had a very international vibe, with participants in my region group coming from Australia, India, and Hong Kong. It consisted of weekly lectures, a weekly live seminar, weekly quizzes and tests, and individual and group coursework, which culminated in the production of office “BIM Manual”.

The course wasn`t about learning software, but rather how to successfully implement standardised BIM workflows in the office. It covered subjects such as roles and responsibilities, constructing a project team, project auditing, and BIM template construction and management. A major focus was on project co-ordination and data sharing with the project team to internationally-recognised standards (ISO 19650-1 and 19650-2).

As we move forward with BIM, I plan to fully implement everything I have learnt on this course in our BIM workflows and data management and to ensure consistent and high standards.